hapayu launches youtube channel!

We’ve hit another big milestone today. Wait for it… wait for it… our Youtube channel is live! Okay, so maybe that was a bit anti-climatic, just like the end to Batman vs Superman. Ooooooohhhhhh, buuuuuuuuuuurn.

We have so many people to thank who we couldn’t have done this without. No, wait… no we don’t. Just a big shout out to us. Go us!

So why a Youtube channel?  It’s all about visual… we love visuals. It’s one thing to read about products and another to have pictures to help you better visualize. But the best thing other than actually seeing and holding the product in person is to watch a video. By using videos, not only do you have visual engagement, but you also have the sound to make it that much more real. And rather than just seeing snapshots in time, as with photos, you are seeing every possible moment of things such as unboxing, giving you a better idea of exactly what to expect.

Our first video is the unboxing of a refurbished HP Pavilion monitor purchased from Newegg last month. You can see the unboxing of a refurbished HP Pavilion 23xw 23-inch IPS LED Backlit Monitor by clicking here.

Enjoy and happy shopping!

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