hapayu.com is here!

We would like to welcome everyone to hapayu.com. You are reading the very first blog post on our site, marking the official launch of hapayu.com.

We are a husband-wife team who consider ourselves to be pretty savvy shoppers. We love finding deals and bargains, especially when buying “stuff” that we likely (definitely) can survive without. Over the last few years, while sharing our personal shopping tips with family and friends, we realized that we also really enjoy helping others save too. And that’s when the delivery stork brought us the newest member of our family… hapayu.com.

Our goal is to help you be happier with your purchases. We plan to provide you with our personal reviews, helpful shopping tips, unboxing videos and other tools to add to your shopping arsenal.

If you have found your way to our new site and find that it is lacking content, be sure to come back soon as we will be releasing a lot of reviews, articles, and even a few videos over the next several weeks. The site will be divided into three primary areas: reviews, shopping tips, and this blog.

We plan to provide all our reviews under the review section, which will also include summaries of our findings of reviews from other websites. Under shopping tips, you will find a variety of articles to help you save and be a smarter shopper. And lastly, this blog will feature our day-to-day shopping experiences, thoughts, and sales events announcements.

Thanks you for visiting and we hope to see you back soon.

Kevin & Christine

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