Babies”R”us or or Target for baby stuff?

We’re expecting our first little one on December 18th!  We have been really lucky to share this journey with two other couples, one who is expecting any day now and another who is due around the same time as us.  During dinner after attending one of the free classes offered at Babies”R”us, we started talking about where we found the best prices for baby stuff.  Babies”R”us, Amazon, or Target?

The answer from every one of us?  It depends.

For any of you who have shopped for baby stuff, you probably already discovered this too.  For others didn’t know this and just assumed it would be one or the other, don’t worry, we and most people we know say the same.

Babies”R”us is extremely convenient by carrying every possible thing you could need while allowing you to play around with everything too.  We’ve been told by a few people to try checking out baby stuff in person for a bunch of reasons, even if it’s just to make sure it doesn’t play a sound that will make you want to bang your head against the wall.

Target, as with just about everything they sell, is rarely the cheapest if you shop every-day-prices.  But when things are on sale, you can find some really great deals.  But we have all found Target’s baby section really lacking if you’re shopping for anything other than clothes, diapers, and other small stuff.

Amazon surprised us the most.  We expected for larger, heavier items, such as strollers and cribs, to be more expensive due to shipping costs.  But depending on the product, they were significantly cheaper than both Babies”R”us and Target.  And meanwhile, some of the smaller things that we expected to find better deals were actually much more expensive.  We’ve been told by many friends that you can really save money on a consistent basis by purchasing a “subscription” of diapers from Amazon, which does seem to be the case.

Have you had similar experiences?  Are there other places that you would suggest for us to explore?


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