Refurbished HP Pavilion 23xw unboxing and purchase review

Reviewed on 10/10/16

Product Highlights
  • HP Pavilion 23xw
  • 23″ IPS LED monitor
  • 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz
  • 2 HDMI (with HDCP support)
  • 1 VGA
Purchase Details

Purchased From:
Purchase Date:  September 10, 2016
Final Price:  $84.99
Shipping:  Free standard shipping
– Newegg was running a special sale on the refurbished monitor at the time of purchase
– Regular price brand new $120 – $179.99
– At the time of writing this article, is appears HP is clearing out this model for the updated model and selling at a discounted price of $109.99

purchase review

This review is for the purchase experience of a refurbished product and not the actual product itself.

We purchased a refurbished HP Pavilion 23xw from Newegg during one of their weekend sales.  At the time of purchase, the price was the cheapest that we have seen for the HP Pavilion 23xw, new or used.

Newegg processed the order quickly and our monitor was shipped the day after it was ordered.

The monitor arrived four days later via FedEx, shipped in the monitor’s standard packaging.  The monitor was repackaged in new HP-branded packaging indicating that it was a refurbished model.

Everything inside was well-packaged and we would have never been able to tell that the monitor was refurbished.  We could not find any physical blemishes and the monitor has been running perfectly in its first month of use.

Though the price of a brand new HP Pavilion 23xw has recently dropped to $109.99, we are still thrilled with our purchase price.

Check back soon for our official review of the HP Pavilion 23xw.


unboxing video

Save by going refurbished

As mentioned in our article Save by going refurbished, we are fans of buying certain items refurbished in effort to save money.  Though most experts agree that you should not purchase refurbished HDTVs, there are a lot of mixed opinions on computer monitors. We went for it based on the price and knowing Newegg is a trustworthy retailer.